Get Baseball fever! At Let’s Play Ball, we love (American) baseball! We provide training and games for all skill levels and all ages. 


Two teams of nine players each. Seven innings; in each inning the teams each bat – one team bats until they have three outs, then they go field while the other team bats. A “run” is scored every time a batter runs around the bases (stepping on each one!) and crosses home plate without getting out.


Baseball is normally played outside, but with the weather being so temperamental, Let’s Play Ball have modified this game so it can be played in any sports hall! By using the normally available lines on a gym floor, we mark out 1st base, 2nd base, 3rd base and home so that the children can easily play and enjoy this fast-moving game.

We use safety balls, to maximise the fun of the game. Hit a home run by hitting the ball above the home run line!

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An indoor baseball game being played: